Bottles covered with rope.

Bottles dressed by hand with rope (tied).

We have rope-covered bottles in several sizes from 20ml to 2L and with prices between SEK 190 and SEK 3900. Most bottles are made from both tarred and untarred rope. If you have to hang the bottle around your neck, it should be small, max 200ml. In the belt, 500ml and less fit. Larger bottles should be carried over the shoulder. NOTE: all the bottles look the same size in the pictures, but they are not. Use the given data such as volume and height to determine how big a bottle is. Weight refers to a dressed but empty bottle. All bottles come with a cork, many also with a simple strap.
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Small bottles ≤ 20cl

  • Nbr: FR2203
    Nbr: FR2203
    A small globe bottle. Fits perfectly around the neck or in the belt without being too heavy.
    Volume: 100 ml, Weight: 160 gr
    Height: 11 cm, Width: 7 cm
    Cork size: 19 mm
    Price: SKR/€  
  • Nbr: FR2101
    Nbr: FR2101
    An elegant bottle with two rings which means it hangs more firmly on the belt.
    Volym: 200 ml, Weight: 320 gr
    Height: 20 cm, Width: 9 cm
    Cork size: 18.5 mm
    Price: SKR/€   
  • Nbr: FR2013
    Nbr: FR2013
    A long narrow bottle, 25cm high but only 6cm diameter. 2 rings for stable suspension.
    Volume: 200 ml, Weight: 360 gr
    Height: 25 cm, Width: 6 cm
    Cork size: 19 mm
    Price: SKR/€   

  • Medium-sized bottles ≤ 50cl

  • Nbr: olika/different
    Nbr: olika/different
    We always have a number of slightly simpler bottles. They are a little thinner in the bridle and rarely have tarred rope.
    Volume: usually about 250-330
    Height: about 20-25 cm, Width: about 8 cm
    Cork size: various etc
    Price: SKR/€  
  • Nbr: FR2026
    Nbr: FR2026
    This also includes a strap and cork with a wooden top.
    Volume: 275 ml, Weight: 600 gr
    Height: 21 cm, Width: 8 cm
    Cork size: 19.1 mm
    Price: SKR/€  
  • Nbr: FR303
    Nbr: FR303
    Sk. pharmacy bottle.
    Volume: 300 ml, Weight: 327 gr
    Height: 17 cm, Width: 7 cm
    Cork size: 19 mm
    Price: SKR/€  
  • Nbr: FR 63
    Nbr: FR 63
    The exclusive cork is included, a ring for hanging.
    Volume: 500 ml, Weight: 587 gr
    Height: 26 cm, Width: 12 cm
    Cork size: 19 mm
    Price: SKR/€  
  • Nbr: FR80
    Nbr: FR80
    Long neck, the exclusive cork included, a ring for hanging.
    Volume: 500 ml, Weight: 750 gr
    Height: 31 cm, Width: 12 cm
    Cork size: 19 mm
    Price: SKR/€  
  • Nbr: FR98
    Nbr: FR98
    A slightly larger flask that holds 50cl.
    Volume: 500 ml, Weight: 680 gr
    Height: 23 cm, Width: 12 x 6.5 cm
    Cork size: 18 mm
    Price: SKR/€   
  • Nbr: FR2023
    Nbr: FR2023
    Well-crafted bottle with leather suspension.
    Volume: 500 ml, Weight: 534 gr,
    Height: 23 cm, Width: 10.5 cm
    Cork size: 19 mm
    Price: SKR/€  

  • Large bottles 51cl - 2 liters

  • Nbr: FR97
    Nbr: FR97
    A large 2 liter bottle. Hardly something you hang on your belt but more like a camp bottle.
    Volume: 2000 ml, Weight: 2080 gr
    Height: 35 cm, Width: 15 cm
    Cork size: 42 mm
    Price: SKR/€   

Some sold rope bottles

  • FR2102
  • FR2103
  • FR2104
  • FR22
  • FR2201
  • FR2202
  • FR2204
  • FR2207
  • FR2304
  • FR305
  • FR306
  • FR307
  • FR308
  • FR61
  • FR62 B 12
    FR62 B 12
  • IMG 4203
    IMG 4203
  • IMG 4205
    IMG 4205
  • IMG 5636
    IMG 5636

Bridging takes time!

Wrapping bottles in rope is enormously labor-intensive if the wrapping is to be dense and tight. If you also want tarred rope, it gets even worse because it does not slide well. A small bottle (like a 33cl beer bottle) with a rather sparse coating can be made in 1-2 hours. A slightly larger bottle (type 50-75cl) with a tight coating can easily take 10 hours or more. Then there's the time it takes to sell the bottle, which you should expect is just as long as manufacturing it.