Corks (bottle caps) and straps

Corks and straps

The most common cork is a lace cork, available in many sizes and fits most bottles. Made of real cork (the 4th and 5th corks from the left in the bottom row in the picture above are two examples).
For sizes 16, 18, 19 and 22 mm there are also corks with flat wooden heads (top row). Round wooden heads are also available for sizes 18 and 19mm. All wooden corks have plastic in the "cork" part. One of these corks is included with all bottles and in some cases you can freely switch between them.
I also have a small number of round wooden corks with real cork in the "cork" part in size 19mm.

Treehead corks are also available covered with rope (far right above and below).

Straps come in a variety of variations from a simple leather strap to braided with carabiners and rings, usually custom made for a particular bottle.
The round wooden head corks are also available wrapped with rope (far right above and right/below).
Delivered with a fixed rope with which you can tie the cork in the bottle.
Nbr: rope cork
Diameter: about 4cm
Fits bottle opening: 19 mm
Price: € 59
A rope covered cork
A picture of a strap will appear here eventually.