Cutting boards

Hand-carved cutting boards in solid Swedish wood

These cutting boards are unlike anything you see in regular stores either in terms of appearance or features. They work just as well as cutting boards, platters or simply as a work of art in the kitchen.
Only solid Swedish oak, elm or ash (no glue) and you do not cut endwood that absorbs liquid. The size is given as Width x Height x Thickness. Sometimes 2 numbers are given, e.g. 35x15-24x4.5, the board is 35cm wide, 15cm high at one end and 24 at the other and 4.5cm thick.
It is Swedish Oak if nothing else is said under the picture.
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  • Nbr: C318
    Nbr: C318
    Theme: Litet löv/Small leaf
    Width x Height x Thickness: 305 x 195 x 43 cm
    Price: 1400 Skr
  • Nbr: C402
    Nbr: C402
    Theme: Vindruvor/Grapes
    Width x Height x Thickness: 505 x 285-275 x 35 cm
    Price: 2900 Skr
  • Nbr: C520
    Nbr: C520
    Theme: Rödek/Red Oak
    Width x Height x Thickness:425 x 280-300 x 35 cm
    Price: 2900 Skr
  • Nbr: C522
    Nbr: C522
    Theme: Snäcka/Shell
    Width x Height x Thickness: 380 x 230-190 x 40 cm
    Price: 2900 Skr
  • Nbr: C524
    Nbr: C524
    Theme: Pärlbåtsnäcka/Nautilus
    Width x Height x Thickness: 505 x 255-290 x 40 cm
    Price: 1900 Skr
  • Nbr: C703
    Nbr: C703
    Theme: 7 löv, typ körsbär/7 leaves, cherry type
    Width x Height x Thickness:460 x 235-275 x 35 cm
    Price: 2900 Skr
  • Nbr: C704B
    Nbr: C704B
    Theme: Stiliserat eklöv/Stylized oak leaf
    Width x Height x Thickness: 495 x 140-220 cm
    Price: 2900 Skr
  • Nbr: C803
    Nbr: C803
    Theme: Alm löv på almbräda/Elm leaves on elm board
    Width x Height x Thickness: 510 x 245 x 35 cm
    Price: 2900 Skr
  • Nbr: C906
    Nbr: C906
    Theme: 2-fläta i Alm/2-braid in Alm
    Width x Height x Thickness:475 x 245-160 x 33 cm
    Price: 3400 Skr

Here are some slightly simpler boards

  • Nbr: C310
    Nbr: C310
    Theme Stylized lily
    Width x Height x Thickness: 400 x 225 x 37 cm
    Price: 1400 Skr
  • Nbr: C603
    Nbr: C603
    Swedish Elm without motif
    Width x Height x Thickness: 530 x 240-225 x 45 cm
    Price: 1200 Skr

Gallery - some sold boards

  • C532
  • C801a
  • C905.850
  • C906
  • C908.1200
  • C908.2.1200
  • C909.1200
  • storfläta
- It is possible to renovate the board several times despite the carvings:
When I have carved motif on the boards, the motif are always a few millimeters below the cutting surface, so you should be able to grind down the cutting surface a couple of times when it becomes worn. The boards are at least 3cm thick.
- Double-sided: one side (usually the back), for example, can be cut on, the other served on.
- Hourglass ground for increased stability:
Wood always moves with the humidity. This means that the shape of the board is different in winter and summer. To prevent it from becoming so cupped that it does not lie still, I grind it like an hourglass, i.e. it is a little higher in the corners. (But it is also important to take care of it. Never leave it to dry on the sink and avoid strong sunlight for a long time.)
If you take good care of these boards, they will be passed down to both your children and grandchildren, even if they are used extensively.
Surface treatment:
I treat the cutting boards with Osmo's food grade hard wax oil for countertops. Wood (and oak in particular) is bactericidal, so an oak cutting board can be left untreated. Within 1 hour, basically all bacteria are dead. There is more information about this under Other -> Care advice.
You can get a board with your initials or maybe your family crest or association badge carved or lasered in. Get in touch with a picture if you're interested.
If you have spent a lot of money on a new kitchen, there is reason to finish with something a little extra. If you haven't renovated yet, a few extra details can do wonders.