Bottles covered with rope and leather.

Bottles dressed with a combination of leather and rope.

The combination with leather and tarred rope gives the most daring bottles. We have these in selected sizes from 100ml to 1L. If you have to hang the bottle around your neck, it should be small, max 200ml. In the belt, 500ml and less fit. Larger bottles should be carried over the shoulder. NOTE: all the bottles look the same size in the pictures, but they are not. Use the given data such as volume and height to determine how big a bottle is. Weight applies empty bottle. All bottles come with a cork, most also with a simple strap.
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  • Nbr: 2301
    Nbr: 2301
    The combination of leather and rope is perfect here. No hangers on this one. The back is also leather but without engraving
    (click for image of the back).
    Volume: 200 ml, Weight: 340 gr
    Height: 14 cm, Width: 11 x 4.5 cm
    Cork size: 18 mm
    Price: SEK/€  
  • Nbr: 2009
    Nbr: 2009
    Perfect to wear in the belt. The back is braided.
    Volume: 375 ml, Weight: 460 gr
    Height: 23 cm, Width: 12 x 8 cm
    Cork size: 19 mm
    Price: SEK/€  
  • Nbr: FLR95
    Nbr: FLR95
    Volume Colon; 600 ml comma; Weight Colon; 660 gr
    Height Colon; 21 cm comma; Width: 9 cm
    Cork size: 19 mm
    Price: SEK/€  

Some sold rope + leather bottles

  • FLR2025B
  • FLR78B
  • FLR94B