Tools for cording.

Tools for bridle and carpet making

Briding/Cording of bottles:
You don't need so many tools to bridle. For simple bottles you can get by with a sack needle, for the more advanced ones you also need an awl and a Selma needle. You also need a knife and preferably a small side cutter. Light-flowing instant glue or contact glue is also good to have.

Sack needle: I have remade sack needles that you can use when bridging (4 on the right in the picture above). They are straightened, tapered and the eye is enlarged to accommodate different thicknesses of rope. They are available in 4 sizes, where the second largest (13.5) is the most used.
Needle 15: up to 4mm rope (6/1)
Needle 13.5: up to 3mm rope (6/2)
Needle 10: up to 2mm rope (6/3)
Npl 7.5: up to 1.5mm rope

Awls: When you work with tarred ropes and want a bridle that fits tight, the bag needles don't work, so you need an awl. I also make awls. Available in 4, 5 and 6mm thickness, 5mm is most suitable for threading. Available with wooden handle and leather handle (to the left of the needles). The leather handle only works for lighter work and is 4mm.

Selma needle: A Selma needle is basically a tube that tapers at one end and that you can insert your rope into. They need a wooden handle and of course I have those too.

When making rugs you need a draw hook (last before the rings above), large needles (upholsterer needles) and a pattern board (plate with nails). Here, too, it is good to have a knife, a small side cutter and instant glue or contact glue.