Recurring Exhibitions
The picture above is of Tobias in our current market tent set up in the Hammer Clan's camp at the market during the Medieval Week in Visby 2018. The Hammer Clan is a group of 20-30 different craftsmen, mostly blacksmiths but there are also people who work with birch-bark, treadle turning, yarn dyeing, leather craft, wood etc

Recurring Exhibitions 2024

Styrsö Konstrunda 13-14 Juli 2024, 12-17.

At the Styrsö art round, more than 30 artists exhibit their creations in their homes/gardens/sheds etc. on Styrsö in Gothenburg's southern archipelago. In addition to all kinds of painting, there are usually representatives of silversmithing, handmade carpets, wool products, wood crafts, etc. Since all the exhibitors are on Styrsö and the island is not huge, it is possible to walk around most of them in one day. However, I recommend that you make a selection so that you have time to look properly at those you visit. This is also a great way to explore the island itself as you often get to go to places you don't normally go. Some exhibitors usually also have a small coffee service.
I usually bring wooden benches, cutting boards, shelves, tables, rope coasters, covered bottles and maybe a little more.
More information about Styrsö Konstrunda eg electronic map is available at

Medeltidsveckan i Visby, always V32, 4-11 augusti 2024.

During the medieval week, we primarily give courses in covering bottles, but also sell wrapped bottles (both with rope and leather) and some cutting boards, however we rarely bring the big things like benches and tables. The selection of cutting boards is also usually limited.
Instead, we have ropes and tools for covering bottles with us.
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Our first tent was no tent at all, just a borrowed table with an awning over it.
Then we had a primitive A tent for a few years. Since 2018, we have the tent at the top of the page.
Nordstan's Christmas Market 2016. Sometimes you have to build yourself into existing structures.