Crafts in Wood Leather and Rope

"Pimped" knife sheaths for the carving knife, Mora 120.

(I haven´t found a good translation of the Swedish word "pimpa" but "pimped" as Google suggest does not feel so good :-). Some words that could fit is augment, beautify, decorate, ornament, complement, ....)
Mora's 120 knife is probably the most affordable carver knife available, but the sheath you get with it is not so fun, I think. Way too long for the knife and with a complicated attachment for the belt. (However, you can cut off the sheath a little so that it is more suitable in length.)
I instead use the sheath that Mora makes for the fitter's knife. It is much shorter and has a smart attachment for the belt where instead of putting it on the belt you can hook it, an attachment that all their modern sheaths have. The sheath is a little too narrow in width, so you have to heat with a hot air gun and run the knife down so that the sheath takes shape after the 120.
If you then want the sheath to be a little less plastic, you dress it with natural tanned leather and give it a pattern of your choice and maybe a small figure on the knife as well and voila, you have a unique knife-sheath combo that no one else has.
If you come up with a fun pattern for your knife or knife sheath, please send me a picture.

If you don't want to fix your knife sheath yourself, the 3 in the top picture are for sale for SEK 650/piece without knife.

Picture below, from top to bottom: The original sheath, mora120 (the laminate version of course), the sheath for the fitter's knife, the hook attachment on the sheath for the carvers knife.