Wood art for the discerning.
In wood I make, for example
- Hand-carved cutting boards cut from a single piece of wood.
- Solid wood benches.
- Original small bookcases and spice racks where all imperfections have been left as extra patina. These are also often joined together with wedges, which makes them demountable.
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All carving cutting boards, benches and shelves are unique and only available in one copy.

I mainly work with Swedish wood; oak, elm and ash.

As far as possible, I avoid glue and screws.
Instead, I join together with wedges, tenons and slots.
This also means that most benches can be dismantled into a flat package.

Basically all the wood I use I saw myself into boards and air-dried for at least 2 years. I mainly use trees that have to be felled, for example, because they are too close to houses or power lines. I know where all my trees grew!

If you have wood you want to get rid of (mainly oak, elm, ash), I'm probably interested if it's rough, larger than 35cm diameter, then please let me know. I have a chainsaw driver's license A/B. In the pictures below, I am sawing up 4 logs of European white elm that grew at the Botanicla Garden in Gothenburg. It was an approx. 100-year-old tree and was thus planted around the time the garden was inaugurated. 12m up, the tree was 60cm in diameter. The log at the top is 4m long and approx. 66cm at the narrow end. (457)

Large elm logs
Large elm logs